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Speedy Residential Duct Fabrication in Washington D.C.

Some of our most satisfied customers have been homeowners who received speedy residential duct fabrication in the Washington metropolitan area. Renovating or building a new home is a monumental task. There are numerous tasks to complete, and problems and obstacles always pop up. American MetalFab is well-known for their ability to use state-of-the-art plasma cutting technology to deliver precisely cut ductwork on the same or next day.

residential air duct with blurred zoom effect

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs; Replace Your Aging Ducts

Residential owners may not be sure when it’s time to redo the ducts in their home. However, the ducts in your home are too important to ignore potential warning signs like:

  • Your ducts are tangled, kinked, or damaged: This often occurs when the ducts are too long. We can customize your ducts so they are never tangled, kinked, or damaged.
  • Inconsistent airflow or static pressure: Leaks are a common cause of poor airflow. Custom ducts are sealed better, leading to fewer leaks.
  • Strange noises: If you’re hearing bangs, whistles, or any other unusual noises, it may be time to replace your ducts with custom ductwork.
  • Hot and cold spots: Hot and cold spots throughout your building are a telltale sign that there is something wrong with your ductwork.
  • Improper installation: Poor installation, sometimes caused by improperly measured ducts, can drastically reduce the effectiveness of your HVAC system.

We Know How to Get the Job Done Right

Residential duct fabrication is a complex and highly-specialized process. Simply cutting the square ducts is not enough. Ensuring the ducts remain sealed involves years of experience. We perform any number of custom residential duct fabrication tasks, including:

  • Low-pressure snap locks
  • Medium and high-pressure Pittsburg locks
  • Antibacterial-lined ducts with lengths of ½”, 1”, and 2”
  • Duct mate
  • Drain pans
  • Plenum boxes
  • Square-to-square transitions
  • Duct offsets
  • Parker fittings
  • Radius elbows
  • Square elbows with single or double turning vanes
  • Tees
  • Branch take-offs

Contact Us Today for Custom Duct Fabrication

In addition to supplying custom residential duct fabrication to Washington metropolitan homeowners, American MetalFab supplies commercial business owners with duct fabrication services. We can ensure that your building heats and cools efficiently and help drive those rising energy costs down. Contact us today to get started on your residential or commercial project.

Contact Us Today to Lower Your Energy Bill