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American MetalFab

Leaders in Custom Duct Fabrication

American MetalFab Brings Custom Ductwork to Montgomery County

Located near Washington D.C., American MetalFab is proud to offer quick turnaround times for customers seeking custom duct fabrication in Montgomery County. We’re efficient with our time, and our technicians are experienced at quickly fabricating ducts. In fact, we’re capable of finishing our projects on the same day or the next morning after we receive your order. Our promptness and professionalism are a big reason why we’ve built longstanding relationships with our clients, and why they return to us for all of their duct fabrication needs.

Duct Fabrication
residential air duct with blurred zoom effect

Your Ducts Are One of the Most Essential Parts of Your Home

Many residential and commercial property owners neglect their ductwork. What may seem unimportant during regular trips to the cellar or to the boiler room is actually a vital element of the framework and functionality of your building. Even if you have an expensive and energy-efficient furnace or air conditioner, your heating and air conditioning bills will be too high if your ductwork is in need of replacement.

metal piping

So Why Order Custom-Cut Ductwork?

Every home or commercial building is different, with its own unique architecture. One-size-fits-all ductwork can often lead to inefficiencies, and as a property owner, you need to keep electric and gas bills as low as possible. Contracting American MetalFab to perform custom duct fabrication allows Montgomery County property-owners to install perfectly-fitting square ducts, which causes even distribution and heat throughout your property. Even better, customizing your ducts eliminates wasteful leaks.

various metal pipes in ceiling

We Help D.I.Y. Homeowners Lower Their Bills

You don’t have to be a contractor to replace your ductwork. One of the benefits of custom duct fabrication is the ductwork will perfectly fit the contours of your home. From the basement through the rest of your home, custom duct fabrication can make renovating your house a breeze.

Contact Us Today

We’re always taking new customers. Call our office today and place an order. We’ll have it ready for you in no time.

18860-A Woodfield Rd
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Phone: 240-687-8285
Fax: 301-921-6996